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FAA Knowledge Testing Center

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires every student pilot take a written test prior to obtaining their license. Training and testing are key parts of the FAAs safety mission. Coyote operates the only FAA approved testing facility in this area of the Texas panhandle.

The following Knowledge Tests are available at our testing center:
• Recreational Pilot
• Private Pilot
• Instrument Pilot
• Commercial Pilot
• Flight and Ground Instructor
• Sport Pilot, Sport Pilot Instructor, and Sport Pilot Examiner
• Airline Transport Pilot
• Flight Engineer
• Aircraft Dispatcher
• Aviation Mechanic General
• Aviation Mechanic Airframe
• Aviation Mechanic Powerplant
• Parachute Rigger
Regularly priced at $150, AOPA members recieve a $10 discount.

Sample Endorsement

I certify that (name of pilot) has recieved the required instruction in accordance with section (correct FAR). I have determined that he/she is prepared to take the (full name of test including aircraft category).

(date)(instructor signature)(certificate no)(certificate exp)

NOTE: Please make certain that the specific name of the test is used and includes the aircraft category.
Ie. Private Pilot Knowledge Exam - Airplane

NOTE: Please ensure that the correct FAR is referenced in the endorsement.